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@Domain Monitoring

A service that allows a user to see if any of the company’s emails have been compromised in a data leak. This service scrapes the Clearnet and darknet looking for dumps that contain your company @domains, then provides you with the list of every account found as well as gives a recommendation of next steps after the compromise.

Darknet Scan

We will search the darknet using our in-house service looking for any information pertaining to you. This is not just a quick name, SSN, phone number and email search. We are looking for anything and everything being talked about you. You can purchase a Darknet Scan Here.


The dark web is generally made up of sites that require anonymizing software like Tor to access. It usually hosts sites dedicated to illegal activities, such as the sale of stolen data, drugs, or weapons. You can also find tools and tutorials on how to exploit specific vulnerabilities to steal sensitive data.

Hash File

A list of malicious SHA256 hashes updated every hour

IP Address File

A list of malicious IPs that is updated every 24 hours


Typosquatting, also known as URL hijacking, is a form of cybersquatting, and possibly brandjacking which relies on mistakes such as typos made by people when inputting a website address into a web browser. Should a user accidentally enter an incorrect website address, they may be led to any URL (including an alternative website owned by a cybersquatter).

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How the memberships work

How do I sign up for Premium Plus?

You can sign up for a Premium Plus Membership here

How do I sign up for Premium?

You can sign up for a Premium Membership here

How often will I receive an email?

You will receive an email every business day with the most up-to-date cybersecurity news.

What does the Basic Membership give me?

Access to an extensive archive of bulletins written by security intelligence specialists and researchers actively monitoring for the day’s most pertinent security events.

What does the Premium Membership give me?

Get all the benefits of Basic plus a list of 66,000 malicious IP addresses and 14,000 malicious hashes that can be integrated into your SIEM to keep you and your business safe.

What does the Premium Plus Membership give me?

and an @Domain Monitoring scan.