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  • Sophisticated next-gen intel
  • Dark and clearnet monitoring
  • See threats as they happen
  • Timely news feed simplicity

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News Feed Simplicity

Outsmart your enemy with daily handpicked views into the current threat landscape featuring exceptional attack data and indispensable early warning indicators.


Archive Search

Search an extensive archive of bulletins written by security intelligence specialists and researchers actively monitoring for the day’s most pertinent security events.


Threat Analyst Insight

Real people detecting real threats, in real time. Every second of every minute of every day. Gain the visibility you need ahead of any attack.

Learn how Binary Defense can protect your data, your brand, and your people


Binary Defense offers fully managed 24x7x365 monitoring and detection services for organizations seeking the ability to proactively defend against attacks. Our approach is unique in that we actively profile how attackers work through the entire lifecycle of an attack in order to identify virtually every aspect of a hack.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Fully managed endpoint detection and response solution focusing on behaviors that detect attackers instead of traditional, signature-based detection methods. We provide real time detection and incident management to protect the weakest part of your network.


Our Counter Intelligence Team gathers information and conducts operations to identify threats to an organization so that they can better protect against malicious activity. We accomplish this by combining technology with skilled and experienced intelligence specialists. Our goal is to protect your data, your brand and your people.
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